How to Choose Flowers for Every Occasion

Flowers happen to be the most common and relevant gifts that one can be given from birth t death. When you don’t know which gift you should be giving, you can easily settle on a flower and law the person receiving the gift know what you think about them. However, you should go ahead to understand which flower would be best for every occasion. What you give for a funeral should not the same you are to give for a wedding or on a valentine’s day. Have a look at the following occasions to know what would be the relevant banquet that you should go along with:

1. Wedding occasion

I guess you agree with me that no flowers, no wedding. Yes, it sounds hilarious but it is the truth. Every wedding occasion has to be flowery. It is, however, good to note that there is no combination of flower species that would be considered as right or wrong. What matters is the color. Let it match with at least part of the wedding decor. For instance, you can choose a combination of the bridal team dress colors. You can as well take a combination of several colors if you want a casual touch f the wedding. In most cases, the couples to be are the once to choose the colors. If you are gifted them a flower, let it rhyme with their theme.

2. Mother’s Day

This is another world celebrated day when mother figures are celebrated. Giving a mother figure a gift in the form of a flower goes along with the best color for the mother. If she naturally loves red, you can give a banquet of red flowers. Carnations are best as they show love and admiration. If you are not sure of the color, then you can mix the colors but still present it well.

3. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a love day. Everyone thinks that the most ideal flowers for this day are the roses and red for that matter. Yes, the red roses are well ideal. However, it is not obvious that flowers on the valentine’s day should be exchanged between lovers. At times it goes beyond love. For instance, the red rose symbolizes love, the pink one is for admiration, the yellow is for friendship and the white is for purity and innocence. You should be keen in choosing the right color on this day so that you send the right message.

4. Birthday parties

If you have been invited to a birthday party, carry some gifts. If you don’t know the best gift, flowers can do. Choosing a flower banquet for a friend for a birthday is such an interesting thing if you know how to choose it. There is no limitation when it comes to flower variety which can serve this purpose. You can go for roses, orchids, and carnations. If you want the best color which will add a smile on birthday babe, go for her or his favorite color. Alternatively, she is a lover, then you can consider combining her favorite color with some red roses. It gives a perfect match. Gardenia could as well be used to symbolize joy for the person celebrating the birthday.

Choosing flowers for your loved one does not depend on what you love. The bottom line is that the flower you choose should make the person know what you feel about them and also meet their color of preference. As you receive flowers, you also got to seek to understand the non-verbal language that comes in flower form.