The Snack Shack is Back!!! And It’s Better than ever!!

I know people have been missing our snack shack and so now, we are bringing back what you love the most – our beloved tacos and french fries. Yes, I know how much you guys have missed them. But you don’t have to anymore.

And we’re not just bringing back that, we are also bringing back the shrimps that you love so much. I know, I know how much you love them. So I had to bring them back, I had no choice.

So, the next time you are going to the beach and feeling some shrimps or want to savour your taste buds with my amazing tacos and french fries, just stop by my foodtruck and I’ll prepare you the best tacos and french fries that you’ve ever had. Hand to god.

Just make sure that you run for 10 minutes on the treadmill when you go back to the gym because, you know, it’s junk food. So you gotta make sure that you’re burning off those calories or else you’ll start getting bad cholesterol. I want you to live long and keep eating my fries for 200 years. So keep that body in shape for me, will you?